I’m always begging to relive a period in time that just simply no longer is

I’m aware of the inevitability of it all but that certainly doesn’t lessen the sadness of it all

I hate being filled with this type if negativity.
It’s draining.

Breathing heavily and all I can see is red.
There’s no fucking way to get rid of my anger.

I’m so fucking livid.

It doesn’t matter.
I’m just taking this as an example of what kind of parent I don’t want to be

We’re here on vacation and it’s like you’re not even someone I know. Like some stranger coming along with our family.
It’s fucking infuriating.

Who the fuck are you.

This whole family always puts me in the worst mood.

I wish we stayed close.
I really fucking wish we stayed close.

Never fucking listens I swear to fucking god we’re probably saying the same fucking shit anyway.
Jesus fucking Christ fucking to listen to what I’m even fucking saying

So fucking annoying fucking shit.
We’re not even fucking arguing about the same fucking topic godamn.

Low lowkey otc feel really disappointed and disheartened but I mean what’s there to do.

Atheistic beliefs

Atheists are often viewed as a more self-righteous community of people. It is unfortunate because the adoption of atheistic belief is frequently driven by the desire to be the opposite of many things including judgmental and self-righteous. Sometimes in the quest to gain and share knowledge we can develop an air of arrogance. This is not exclusive to the atheist community.
We regularly dismiss the entire perspective of a person who may hold one differing idea that we simply do not understand or refuse to accept. Our pieces of the puzzle are, however, important and we are unable to grasp the ‘big picture’ that we seek to understand without readily seeking the perspectives of others.
Simply, a theist believes that there is one or many who can see the ‘big picture’ and who then knows, without a doubt, who is right and wrong in their perspectives, actions, choices or any other respect. Most theists would believe confidently that this omniscient one holds the same idea of right and wrong as they do.
The atheist belief would hold that there is no witness to the right and wrong, an assembled puzzle in an empty classroom. As the class was able to agree, while they might have had a great idea of the ‘big picture’ based on their own perspective, there was no possibility of being 100% correct.
The idea of right and wrong is a theist-minded concept. Now, let us define atheism for ourselves as the belief that there is no one judge who knows definitively the nature of right and wrong.
Dispose of your notion of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’
According to the nature of atheistic belief, omniscience does not exist. An atheist should seek to understand that there is no universal right or wrong. Subsequently, their definition of it could never be accepted, even by themselves, as the correct one above all others.
Accept that your perspective is one of many flawed ones
Anyone with a perspective on the world around them is capable of being right and equally wrong. The lack of a judge in atheist belief ought to negate all arguments for a practicing atheist. The need to be right has proven dangerous in the past; murder, war and genocide are things we’ve grown accustomed to in the quest to prove oneself correct.
Entertain as many perspectives as possible
Now that you have fully accepted your perspective as both undeniably flawed and in need of more information, you have an opportunity to engage in the open and understanding exchange of information and ideas. Learn! Entertain the perspectives of others as a means to better understand and fine tune your own. We are all solely out to understand the universe we have found ourselves in. The more we learn about how others perceive the ‘big picture’ the closer we come to answers we can confidently call our own.
Think I’m wrong? Awesome. Thank you so much for reading and understanding my perspective anyway.

Source) HighExistence.


"More males arrive, driven by hormones and unrealistic expectations."
-NatGeoWild on Sea Turtle Mating

I understand I should give and all that shit but I have no obligation to put up with anything if I don’t see fit.
You’re being incredibly fucking annoying and I can’t stand shit like that

I feel so far away.

It’s just one of those things that I won’t tell other people because I have yet to willingly acknowledge it myself even tho I’m so evidently aware of its presence

Someone punch me because I’m being really pathetic rn.